Since I wake up early, it is never an issue about getting ready and getting out early. But when you have been out on your feet all day on a Saturday, waking up early on Sunday wasn’t  really exciting  But then, the thought of digging into Eggs Benedict, in different forms and a morning with good friends was what had me up and ready….
As we walked into Park Hyatt, I looked around to see what was different, the art in the hotel lobby keeps changing, they have display by new artists and it is always something I look forward to. From the minute we entered The Dining Room [ their all day dining restaurant on lobby level], it was magical…  Here is what we had… 


Fried Idli + Tomato Sliced + Potato Masala+ Curry Spices


English muffin + Creamy Spinach +Poached Egg+ Grated Parmesan Cheese

Savory Waffle 
BBQ Sauce Glazed +Spring Onion [it comes with Bacon as well]

Brown Toast + Refried Beans+ Tomato Salsa + Poached Egg+ Cheddar Cheese

Corn Cake+ Oriental Mushroom Salad+ Poached Egg+ Sesame Seeds
Cant seem to find the photograph, this was quite divine as well. It had corn and potato at the bottom along with some sautéed mushrooms. the egg sat pretty on the top!
Note:  All eggs benedict were  served with our homemade hollandaise sauce… 

Apart from this, we did a run of their Breakfast buffet, learnt about the fresh honeycomb they had brought down from the Himalayas in Oct [honey collected was also part of buffet spread], and the beautiful dessert spread they had.. I loved the Beetroot cake- it was sweet, had the strong Beetroot flavours and was very soft.  Chef Balaji who has put his together has really gone all out !!

I also tried the Masala Dosa which was served with three chutneys and sambar… 
Fresh fruits, Muesli with berry topping and a slice of the beetroot cake. It is accompanied with Fresh watermelon juice.. They also had orange, pineapple juices.

The dessert counter.. 

Priced at Rs 900 plus taxes (or was it Rs. 1150 /-) with no additional charge for the Eggs, this is a breakfast for someone like me.. Indulgent and delicious!

The Eggs benedict festival is on till the 31st,  but we did suggest they incorporate these into their regular breakfast as well..


    #39, Velachery Main Rd, Raj Bhavan Colony, TN Police Housing Colony, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032
    Phone:044 7177 1234
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