After the rains, after the floods, the city is slowly getting back on its feet. And so, when my uncle and cousin had come down from Delhi, we decided to go to the beach. Elliott beach announced my uncle and that was that. 
We parked the car near the string of eat outs, and walked down to the water. along the way, I noticed that the Schmidt memorial had gotten a makeover and was now protected by a fence. 
Beyond that, there were one or two Corn hawkers. They had the stove on, and were busy cooking corn on the cob. I went and spoke to a lady, asking her if I could click pictures of the sparks flying. She asked if I wanted corn. I promised her I would buy on my way back. I also chatted with her asking how she was coping. She said this is what I do for a living and so I come here daily, irrespective of whether other hawkers come or not. That evening, the entire stretch was deserted. But she sat and kept a watch for any customers. 
And on our way back, we did pick up corn and nibbled on them as we rode back home..
Here are a few shots clicked that evening… My city never ceases to amaze me.- the grit, the way people came together and the whole “life shall go on” spirit… 🙂

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