I have this gang of friends, one morning one of them began this thread on “Shall we go try Music academy lunch one of these days” and soon there was a buzz and we zeroed in on a  date and plan was in place.. 
We headed to Music Academy around 12.30, a friend had already reached and picked up lunch coupons. The line was long, it snaked around and we stood in it for nearly 20mins before we found empty spots. 
There was a small area where round tables and chairs were placed, people were having snacks and mini meals. And for the main lunch, there were tables and chairs laid out like in a wedding. The five of us sat down and eagerly looked forward to the food. We had seen the menu earlier in the morning and it had a few interesting dishes. 

Priced at Rs220, this was good value for money and quite umm as well.. Loved the Pavakkai Pitlai and Motichoor laddoo 🙂

What was amazing was we noticed the line was still long and people waited patiently for their turn.. !

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