a bit of driving around, we finally found a place that was decent and within
our budget to stay at. It was in Connaught Place, outer circle [or whatever it
was called] . What this meant was we were spoilt for choice when it came to eat
outs or drinking holes.
  After quickly
freshening up, we decided to step out for some lunch. We had spotted Haldiram’s on the way over and so that was on our radar. As we began walking towards Haldiram’s  we crossed Dalal Street with a board outside that showed prices for
certain drinks and it seemed quite low. A friend in the gang paused and said
why don’t we try this place today? Her husband was stumped and said No. We
actually stopped him and demanded an explanation, and well, lets just say he
had none… The next minute we turned back and went into this place. A narrow
flight of stairs led us to the dimly lit pub, which had décor resembling a
stock exchange.. words.. company names. Prices etc. We
  found a table near which was a display screen
showing the prices of drinks over a period of time.

like it is one of those places where the price of drinks fluctuate based on
demand and that is how you are charged. 
We were quite excited about the place.. Began scouting through the menu,
ordered drinks- a beer, a vodka with aam panna and few other indian spices and
another vodka based cocktail . The drinks were good.. As for food, we decided
to do some starters here before moving 
to Haldirams for more food.
ordered the Pani puri, except this one came with paneer butter masala instead
of the sweet and tangy water. It was quite good, we loved it. Another starter
we ordered was the vegetable quesedillah. Both the dishes were good and
filling. We did try to wrap our head around the prices and how it fluctuated
but gave up after a while, especially when the bill came. It is quite a cool
place, and a different one at that- in terms of ambiance and concept.
we left, we noticed quite a few groups walking in.. Maybe Delhi too was a city
that woke up late over the weekend and partied late as well.
M-89/90, M Block, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, 
New Delhi 110001
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