Just realised it has been a while since I shared a food tale here… So here goes one, simply because I was reminded of the story today morning. You know how at home when cooking we have these different measures and utensils, right? Well, there is one that has a different name of sorts at home. The humble tablespoon. 
We have quite a few different ones in the kitchen and every time someone needs a tablespoon, we don’t say get a tablespoon, instead we say “one raghu mama spoon venue [ need a raghu mama spoon]. As you might have gathered from the name [ for those who are not duh..hehe], he is an uncle who used to the spoon for eating. About three decades ago, a month or so after his marriage, he was in an accident in their factory and lost his right arm, there was just a small stub below the shoulder. Initially it was quite scary for us kids, but eventually we got used to seeing him put on the prosthetic , so much so that we started helping him with it or asking questions about it. He used to drive with this arm, and was quite a good one at that. Anyways, i digress. So, he had to learn to use his left hand to do things, most of which he managed, but he couldn’t eat with his hands and therefore started using this spoon. 
It has been nearly a decade since he passed away and yet the name remains. The spoon is always called Raghu Mama spoon by all at home… Sigh… 
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Do you have any such tales to share? any person who has left a mark to a point where the utensil/item has earned itself a new name?

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