It has been a few months since my last trip and this one was indeed a special one, with many firsts.. For the first time I actually announced to my friends where I was headed, when I was leaving…  🙂 And this was also the first time I was traveling with a kid [friend’s son-7yr old]

From the minute I picked him up at his grandparents house he was on a roll and I loved his company.. The journey was filled with word games, catching up on his life and yapping away dime a dozen.. hahaha… He clicked some pictures, kept pushing the phone right on the window and eventually would get mad when he saw the phone case reflection in the photograph.. Once he even dropped the phone, instantly his face froze till I reassured him it was alright… 

When the stewardess announced they would get the food and beverage cart out and we could buy what we wanted, he instantly picked up the magazine and pointed at the White single murukku asking me if I could get him that. But alas, it wasn’t available.. 

He: ok, can i get the chocolate chip cookies then?
Me: Sure
Stewardess: Sorry, we are out of them. But we do have oatmeal honey cookies
Me: okay, can i get one please.
He: Sulked a bit and turned face to window [but not before mumbling, “i guess they forgot to load those on the flight”] 
Me to Stewardess: Can i also get a submarine sandwich please.
Picked it up, opened it and offered him a bite… and that was the last I saw of it.. 
He : It is yummy, can I eat the full ? 
Me: Ya baby sure thing.. go ahead… I also got him a glass of water that he drank like the good boy he is.

While he ate, we played with the box that had a story about the yellow submarine, few funny characters and how the sandwich came on board the flight.. 

We then resumed playing random games, looking out the flight and commenting on how the clouds looked like an island or maybe ice or snow… Gosh, those 2hours was such a new experience altogether.  As we landed, it was onto another barrage of questions “Has amma sent driver number, call him no, lets go get our is going to start raining in Bombay, if it rains a lot then I will get holidays…. la la la..”

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