Everyday is a new day, and every new day brings with it few interesting experiences… Right? Well, what can I say..  This post is gonna be a bit of a rant, so be warned… 
I have always been on the heavier side, and am tall as well. So this has me standing out no matter where I go. But then, hey it is me and am ok with me.. What is your effing problem?Am not in your space, am not obstructing your path and you just wanna mock.. Why? Cos am different.. 
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I have lost count of times when I walked off angry, but these days I don’t. 
If I catch someone staring at me- be it on the road or elsewhere, I stare back till they turn away.. 
If I catch someone pointing and laughing, I walk up to them smile say hello and then walk away.
[I have actually had people apologise few seconds later or cringe and walk away] 
You know what, I can climb 6-8  flights of stairs and not be panting for my life… 
I can walk 10kms and not be ready to collapse.. 
How many of you can do that?

Actually none of these matter… What is it going to take for people to take on the “live and let live” concept? It is so easy.. You just go about doing your thing and not be curious about others… Simple~ 
One thing over the past few months I have realised is that it is not just people who are big that get mocked/ridiculed, people who are skinny face the same thing, except in their case it is with a dash of sympathy or worry while for the others it is with disgust..

And true to a comment I received on the post, many a times it all starts at home, with your own family- what do you when they treat you differently? pass comments? That is when it really hurts. You wonder why they don’t understand, why they don’t bother to understand…. Does it not matter? or has the Society [which they fail to realise has been created by them] fogged their minds to an extent, they have stopped thinking for themselves? I have a few friends who are also on the heavier side [ men and women] and I shudder every time I hear someone around them comment on their size.

There are a few women who are on the heavier side because they would have just had a baby.. or dealing with PCOS, thyroid or any of the million health conditions that leave them lost and having no control over their body’s tendency to lose/gain weight..

Oh no, none of that matters.. We[the morons, pricks, people who pass comments] will assume they eat and keep eating which is why they are big… hahaha… shows how small your brain is and how stupid you really are.

I agree that being big does have a few health implications, but if someone has none of those, they get to lead a happy life, without the prying eyes lurking about…


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