am on a holiday in a different city now. A city that has a reputation of being
ultra cool and the place to be in if you wanna have fun. Well, it beats me but
still the world believes it is so… What do I know, right?!  
today I was at a mall where there were these two girls and a guy walking ahead
of me. One of the girls was on the plus size side, the guy was skinny and the
other girl was petite. I commented to my friend on the dress one of the girls
was wearing that it was pretty and I was tempted to ask where she had bought
it. They soon walked away and we lost sight of them for a while. Eventually, we
went into Krispy Kreme as my friend’s hubby had picked up coffee for us where I
saw the trio seated chatting animatedly.
the table beside them were three guys who were laughing and talking aloud, in
tamil. They were passing comments about the girl who was on the bigger side and
connected her with the guy, saying crass things- about who would be on top, and
if the guy would get crushed under the girl, if they were into threesomes and
so on.  It so happened that I got a call
at that very moment from home and spoke aloud in tamil. One of the guys turned
when he heard that looked at my face and immediately dragged his homies and
they rushed away. He stopped laughing and face changed expression instantly. I
wish I had captured the moment.
disgusting. The trio was oblivious and chatted away in Kannada, which got me
thinking that language too plays such a big role in our lives. If they had
understood these guys or if the guys had commented in Kannada there would have
been a fight [atleast I hope there would have been one]. It hurt me that people
behaved in such a crass manner, without an ounce of compassion towards their
fellow humans.
they just jobless or do they get some kick out of behaving this way? Why does
someone else’s body become a matter of discussion? When did this become the
cool gossip? I was also ashamed that they were tamil….

are people so shallow, so dirty minded? Is it age, or is it their upbringing or
do they think it is cool to talk like this? Beats me…
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