How true is this quote? I love reading and there are times when you will find me lost in not one but two books at the same time.. Infact, there is a running joke at home that you could leave me in a room with books, some water and lock me up- I would be happy..
Also, this challenge is weird. They ask us to list down Nine loves and seven wants but for books and movies, the numbers are 4 & 3.. lolz.. Well, I might cheat a bit and mention authors, but heck, if you are looking for book recommendations, you should follow this list and pick up any of them and thank me later..Here goes my list..
1. Enid Blyton – The mystery of the five find outers, naughtiest girl in school, the faraway tree are some of the books that come to my mind right away. I grew up reading these.My uncles would visit us in Tirunelveli  and every time they came, they were armed with a box of books and music cassettes and that is where my love for both began. 

2. Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute (Author) – A dear friend told me about this book and I hunted high and low for it. At the end ordered for a copy and within a few days had it. It is very different from anything I had read, quite inspiring and interesting as well. 

3. The Magic by Rhonda Bryne- This book definitely deserves a mention here. It is a book I picked up on a friend’s recommendation and it changed my life [ not in a I saw the light at the end of tunnel, it called out my name blah blah kind]. It has 28 chapters and at the end of the chapters is a small activity to be done. You will see the difference within  a few days. And these are simple things, like make a list of 10 people/things that have made a difference in your life etc.. It is basically all about being grateful for the things/people/animals/etc we have in our lives and carrying the positive thoughts in our mind.

4. Haruki Murakami – How can I not mention him right? His books are interesting, off beat and his writing style is quite like no other you will find. My uncle gifted me quite a few and now my collection is nearly complete. I am already looking forward to his next book. Recently finished reading his Absolutely on music. 

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