9 Loves

Onward we go… the 2nd day is dedicated to sharing 9 Loves… Love is probably one word that is over used, under appreciated and well, it also at times leave you feeling confused and in a muddle. Lets see what I come up with for today,

1. Dogs – There I said it[like you didn’t know already :)]. My dream is to own a property/space where I bring in all them cuties that need shelter… 

2. Books- At any given point of time you would see me with a book. I read like crazy and sometimes read 2 books side by side. I wish I had this kind of dedication when it came to writing book reviews… sigh..

3. Travel – Ever since I discovered the joy of travel, I keep dreaming of trips, planning them in my head and well,some do happen for real. I have also learnt it is fun to travel on my own, explore and wander, lost in my own thoughts. It is something I tell all I meet- do a trip alone [even if only once]

4. Watching People – Be it at train stations, in the mall, airport, on the streets- it is good fun watching people. Their behaviour, little quirks, or just the way they stand/sit/read/etc…. 

5.  Apple Pie- If there is one dessert I cannot resist, it is the humble Apple pie. If you serve me a slice of hot apple pie I will be your friend for life.. 😀

6. Walking – I love walking, infant there is a running joke among few friends about how I drag em around on foot ..hehe.. If the weather is good, all the better .. 

7. Music – I listen to music when am working, working out, walking, reading, cleaning, travelling, cooking, you get the drift right? my iPod has been with me for a good 8 yrs and going strong [shh, no evil eyes]

8. Experimenting with food – I absolutely enjoy trying out new recipes, new cuisines and indulging in street food. Am a vegetarian who loves eggs, so when I got to try Quail eggs in Bangkok, i did it with such excitement. I enjoy cooking and a food blogger as well [no surprises there]

9. Me- Save the best for last, right?! I love ME. Yes, I really really do. I don’t care what the world thinks of me, or how they perceive me, but at the end of the day I love ME for being Me and wouldn’t change a thing… 

Phew, now that was a tough one… 

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