1) Few weeks ago, while on Twitter, I stumbled upon an article that led to some snooping around till i finally found the profile connected to it.. Have been following them since then and must say it is quite nice to see someone talk about being big, and issues that big people face openly… 
The profile is yrfatfriend  

Over the weeks, have been discovering others who are in a similar boat, and we have discussions about life and how things have changed over time. Recently, I read this blog post “How to love a fat person” on this blog and well, it was quite a revelation. 
The post is about how a guy approaches a girl, talks to her, asks for her number. He then walks over to his gang of friends and there is loud cheers all around with the guys turning to look at her, point at her and you get the drift right? She is hurt that the guy was talking to her just on a dare… Sigh.. the things people do for cheap thrills. 
2) Reminds me of an incident from my school days…though in this case it was just some kiddish fun.. I was in 8th or 9th std, in a co-ed school and it was Rakhi day. One of my classmates dared me and a friend to go tie rakhi to a senior. We hesitated, but then went ahead , called the guy out, his friends kept hooting and cheering, this guy clueless came out and we instantly attacked, tied rakhi and bolted. He had a look of “wtf just happened” on his face. Its another thing that we became friends and even went out a few times… 
3) Last evening a friend and I were talking travel, and somehow the conversation twisted turned and ended up talking about call girls, escorts, and slowly topic veered towards the women/trans we see lurking about in dark alleys looking for someone to pick them so they could make some money. The friend mentioned spotting a place called “Orchestra bar” in Bombay, located above a small mall of sorts with stores. He walked into the bar out of curiosity, only to be led to a table by a staff member who went on to bring him his beer. Friend spotted another man walk in, go to a table near the centre of the place and start pulling out wads of cash. Apparently the place offers live music performance by women and then there are few other women standing around just looking at the performers. In about half hour, the mysterious guy walked out. The staff member serving my friend told him “Saar, he comes once a week,his family is downstairs shopping. And in half an hour that man gave away 3 Lakhs, and that one girl in the band made 3Lakhs”. The man was specific about who he gave the money to, and made sure it was to the prettiest of them all.  One other girl who smiled at him was shrugged off with a remark about her being moti [fat].. 
I wondered what he got out of this kind of spending? Did he get turned on watching that girl sing? Some mental high maybe? There was no sex, no touching or no exchange between them other than the money. Strange is the way of the world I guess. 
4) Back whenI was living alone, one evening while walking back home I mustered up enough courage to go kick up a conversation with a well dressed woman/man waiting for a customer. I was carrying nothing but my house keys and phone in my pocket. I smiled, said hi. This person said hi in a deep husky male voice. I then asked if they minded me talking to them. He said no. I asked if he was a regular in that area, what was life like, if he did something else.. He patiently answered, while constantly looking around to see if any potential customer was in the offing. Told me he worked in a Call centre during the day, and spent a few hours in evening dressing up and serving clients. He made about 30K on a good night and lowest was 2K. He spent nearly 1K on makeup and hair… Says he does not have girl friends cos he is very effeminate in his mannerism and girls make fun of him. He loves to talk about clothes, make up and this is a big turn off with the women .. He discovered this venue of dressing up and making some money because he would just get out of home every evening, his mom went on about he needs to “MAN” up and find a girl and settle down.. 
Looks like anything out of the ordinary is just not acceptable.. Any personal experiences or stories to share? Do send them to aaroo4@gmail.com 

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