On a hot sunny day, all you want is to stay indoors/relax in an air conditioned space and sip on something cool. Right? Well, what did we do? Just the opposite. We were up and out at 8.45am, done with breakfast and on the way to Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Baroda. The car was packed with water bottles, sunscreen lotion, scarves and we had borrowed few umbrellas from the resort as well [just in case it got too much]
One friend in the gang had been to the Palace not so long ago with her in laws and told us it was one that we needed to savour and take our time. She was sweet enough to give us insights, stories about the place which helped us immensely, especially since in many places we were so taken in by the architecture, furniture, etc that we missed out on the audio guide and were lazy to go back & forth on the device. 
Like many other historical places I have been to, here too the architecture was truly marvellous. True to what a friend commented, this palace was beyond words. Infact legend has it this Palace is bigger and better than the Buckingham palace in London. Not been there, so I shall not comment on it, but shall take his word for it. 
Even though there were times I felt like I was walking in circles, it was a place worth a few hours [ even though there are technically only 11 rooms], lets not forget the sprawling gardens and the beautiful ornate exterior walls. Oh and the show stopper were the beautiful archways and windows, tall and beautiful. 
As we walked down the steps towards the first section of the palace, I could hear a large group enter the office area and ask for their headsets.. We rushed out before they landed upon us… 

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