had a plan in my head when I booked my tickets to USA. But then
it kept changing every few hours, until finally I took a few places off my list
and added few others.. One of them that I gave few extra hours to was UniversalStudios.
was gonna be back from my Vegas- Grand Canyon trip [yes yes am yet to write
about it], and had given myself 2 extra days in LA.. My uncle and aunt were
gonna be away, so I had their place to myself and make the most of the two
days. On the 1st day, I decided to head to Universal Studios and
second day was set for Getty Center,
Ikea and spend the rest of the evening with uncle- aunt before packing my bags
for the early morning flight that awaited me thereon.
was up bright and early, went for a short walk around the neighborhood,
showered, made myself a yumm breakfast of French toast, a glass of orange juice
and bowl of berries 😀 [I drool as I am writing this now..sigh]
I walked up the stairs towards the entrance, heart was beating fast and adrenalin was rushing to the head, that is how excited I was… They have these kiosks that help you do away with long lines, picked up a ticket [mine was $80- includes all rides and shows] and entered the place.. That was it.. I do not remember how it was 6hours when I left the place towards the exit gates… the only breaks i took was to grab something to eat/drink- churros, coke, a salad and a pretzel…
WOWWIEEEEEEEEEE……….OhMyGawddddd…….*Grins* — These were the only sounds I made
while walking around the place… lolz…
is a photo tour of how my day at Universal Studios was… 


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