So, I was away for a good two weeks enjoying myself..  This was a sort of Birthday gift to myself, I had planned this trip June – July and was looking forward to it for quite a while. I was away at Leh in Ladakh followed by a few days in Delhi… 
The days in Leh were magical to say the least. I knew the town offered quite a few places to see and beautiful vistas, but what I saw left me breathless..  I am always fascinated to meet people from different regions, explore their food, culture and experience all that it has to offer. Since the place was cold, I had carried only T-shirts, shirts, pants, jeans and such.. 
And so it was our last day, we were all packed and ready to head to the airport. The Leh Airport is a small one but quite complicated if you ask me. We went through security checks atleast 3 times, were made to go identify our bags before waiting for the boarding announcement. 
So, during the 1st security check, I stood in the “ladies” line waiting for the security lady to call me. As i walked into the curtained cubicle, she looked at me and gaped for a good minute. I smiled at her. She then says “are you really a lady”.. I gaped as if to ask “are you kidding me… go ahead, feel me out”
She then went on to say “I have never seen a girl so tall”. “Look around, all the women here are my height or shorter”
I then told her ” well, here I am, feast your eyes”.  [had to grit my teeth to stop myself from making a sarcastic comment]
She went about her checking and waved me off. I walked away flabbergasted. Not sure if it was some small town mentality or if she was genuinely amazed at my build and made that comment without thinking.. Or was she being a bitch … 
When I moved over to the next security the lady there saw my name, asked me where I was from and said she was kicked to see a girl so tall. This time I beamed at her and said thanks! Made small chat before walking out to collect my hand baggage and catch up with the guys. 
People never cease to amaze me!! 

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