Bring on the party…. that seemed to be the theme of the 6th Oktoberfest at The Arena in 365 AS at Hyatt Regency..  The atmosphere was buzzing, food was aplenty and beer kept flowing…. From the minute the festival was opened by the German Consulate general, beer flowed free across the tables. 

I spotted guys dressed in traditional Bavarian outfits- Trachten shirts paired with suspenders and troubers [ even though traditionally guys wear leather shorts] .. I did miss seeing the girls in their traditional  Dirndl dress and staff carrying tonnes of beer mugs in their hands.. These guys carried pitchers and poured beer into glasses that were empty/half empty.. 🙂 But they did a good job of keeping our glasses full at all times… lolz. 

There was german music, some dancing, and amazing food as well. I felt the veg spread was lot more this year and loved the salads and breads, not to mention the various kinds of mustard sauces on each table. Well, am not gonna go on.. Go have fun and let the beer do the talking… 

It offers the chance for locals to experience what it is like in Germany and to just chill, unwind after a long day! 

This festival is on till 7th October … 

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