Benjarong is one of the few restaurants that I love, and keep going back to and never get tired of. Infact, I found the food there to be closest in terms of taste to what I had in Bangkok. And so, whenever they have a festival, I make it a point to head over and give the menu a trial.. There are friends who I have introduced to the place who also fell in love with the food and service~ 

This time around I was headed there for their Southern Thai Food Festival. The minute I saw the menu cover, my mood kinda fell, cos it seemed to reflect more of seafood.. But then when I began flipping through the pages, smile creeped back onto my face. There were veg options in every category.. Yayy!!

Here is a photo journey of the dishes I got to taste… Psst, there is an egg dish there, since I love egg, chose the stuffed omelette 😀

The evening opened with a delicious lychee based drink… 

 The Starters and Mains

 Spinach deep fried and coated with sticky sweet chilli sauce… 

 Lotus stem stir fry with fresh pepper corns..

 Stuffed Omelette – this one had mushrooms and few other vegetables.. I quite loved it.. 

The traditional Raw Mango salad 

Thai rice.. This was not part of the menu but the chef whipped up a portion for me to try..

 Pad See ew- Pad thai noodles sautéed with broccoli and bean sprouts in brown sauce..

 Tofu stir frie in fresh pepper – this was the highlight for me amidst all the dishes. Loved how the tofu was melting in the mouth and the peppercorns added just the right hit of spice… Apparently it is quite a popular dish in Thailand, one of the few dry dishes. 

I tried not one or two but three of them… 
First up was Sakoo Piak Maprow – Little pearls of sago served with tender coconut milk and  pieces of cantaloupes.

Khanom Kluay – which I loved- which is steamed banana cupcake in banana leaf it has been cooked in served with vanilla ice cream.

Kluay Buat Chee – Elaki[tiny variety] banana cooked in palm sugar syrup and topped with sweetened coconut cream  – Did not enjoy this too much.. it was sweet plus I dont like this particular kind of banana…

This festival is on only till the 1st Oct. So if you have been curious about this restaurant or haven’t been in ages, then time to book a table and make a visit!! 

Benjarong,146 TTK Road, Chennai. 
For reservations for the Festival call 044 24322640.

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit 🙂

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