As we rode along the mountains, the landscape changed slowly, from blue skies and brown mountains to grey waters and muddy paths.. We were headed towards the Sangam area. The spot where two rivers come together, join hands and flow along- the Zanskar and Indus river. The vehicle came to a halt and we could see the rivers down below shimmering like a silver necklace amidst the tall mountain ranges. One was slightly blue while the other was silver & grey. After a few minutes watching them race along separately before meeting and flowing ahead, we drove down the hill getting closer to the river.  They flow into Pakistan before ending up in the Arabian sea. 
In winter months the Zanskar river froze and form a trekking path for adventure lovers. This trek is known as Chadar trek.
We made our way down near the water where we felt the cold water rush beneath our feet. Played around for a while, making jenga towers with pebbles and trying to see who can get the stones to hop most number of times along the water. We noticed a few folks doing rafting, and there was also a sign that Bungee jumping would be available soon at this spot. 
Even though the rivers were flowing quite fast and heavy, there was nothing but silence all around. We sat there for quite a while before making a beeline for the vehicle and heading out of here. I realised that is the beauty of Leh. There is not much to do, but what you do get to see/witness is magical and breath taking.. 

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