After an hour wandering about Bandra, the lanes of Ranwar village and the fort, we wanted to grab some chai and maybe something to eat as well. Friend’s son chose Chaayos and that was that.. We headed to their outlet in Bandra. 

The place has a certain charm to it, it is not fancy, it does not have any fancy decor or seating but then it was quirky in its own way. The lights instantly caught my eye. It was a set of tea glasses in their 6 tea cup stand with a bulb in it. That apart, the tables and chairs were in an interesting arrangement. Some were long, some were for 2 and then there was the long slab with high chairs overlooking the road. Oh and they had outdoor seating as well. We looked around and decided on the high chairs near the entrance, mind you these are comfortable high chairs, not the ones where a butt is hanging out or you are worried you might fall and break some bones..  Oh and must mention the murals on the wall- so eclectic and simple, they were almost all black & white sketches, funky ones at that. 
When it came to orders, we went over to the counter and checked out their menu. Friend suggested I try their cold chai, and so i went with her option and ordered a Cold Masala Chai.. Along with it, I wanted something to eat. Pav bhaji and Spinach chaat was the selection made by friend. And boy oh boy they were yumm. The pav bhaji portion was huge- there were three sets of buns  and two kullad [terracota cups] with Bhaji in them. Hot tea came in a taller kullad. Friend told me that you could take these back home if you wanted to. Mine came in a take away plastic container.. sigh~  Apart from these, we also ordered two slices of cakes- a Date & Fig, and a Chocolate slice. My Date & Fig slice was heaven, esp since it was served hot. 
The food was divine, the drinks were refreshing and the place was fun. It was their 5th anniversary and so the place was packed with white and green balloons.   I noticed some folks on their laptops working away, others holding a meeting of sorts and some just sipping on tea and reading a book. Looked like a good place to chill at.. 
They also had these juice carton kinda boxes of sorts for take aways [4-5cup capacity].. so if you are in a hurry, grab and go~ After about an hour here, we finally headed out, and were all set for a round of shopping before dinner time..  What fun it is to travel to a different town, you discover so many amazing places… 
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