Narrow lanes, quaint independent houses and bungalows is the first thing you see as you step into Ranwar village, dating back to 1716.. This is one of Mumbai’s treasures.. an area not many are even aware of.  All this right there in Bandra, one of the buzzing areas in Mumbai..  

This village consists of bungalows on each side standing tall since the early 1900s, divided by Veronica Street. And for those familiar with Waroda Road and the small eateries around here, then you should take a small detour towards Ranwar Village.

There are fire hydrants, small cross, a church of sorts and so much more packed within these walls. And then the street art, oh it is so bohemian and chic.. If only the walls could talk, they would tell some amazing stories I bet..

The short walk down the narrow lane will lead you towards the Ranwar Square – it is said to be the hub of cultural activities back in the days. Since 1866 when it came into existence, the place has hosted the Cross feat, community rosary recitals and many other activities. The wells here are known to have gold that was hidden by locals to save them from Arab pirates. There is also a story that these wells were used to swim by the villagers on the feast of John the Baptist… Who knew so much lay tucked away within the streets of such a happening city….

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