There is something charming about road trips and when it is into an unknown unexplored destination, makes it that much more special. This year began with one such, rather it was a holiday but with an agenda and plenty of road trips within… 
The first day began with us hitting the road from Rajahmundry to Uppada. There was nothing but trees in one section of the road, making it look like a beautiful canopy.
And then in another section we came across sheep/goat herds, and a few temples down below as well. Oh lets not forget the signboard at one point, it had arrow pointing downwards and we chuckled thinking “So, the car is supposed to fly off the bridge onto the road is it?” lol…
But the most magical of it all was the stretch where we drove on a road with the ocean on one side, and at certain points, the waves would lash over the road as if trying to reach the other side… It was beautiful alright. To prevent the water from overflowing, giant boulders had been placed along the side of the road..
Here are a few shots taken along the road journey.. What has been your most fun road trip? Do share…. Would love to hear/see.. 

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