About a week or fortnight ago, I decided to do something I had been putting off forever. It was something that gave me nightmares, seemed daunting and well, scary at times.. But then it had to be done.. What am I talking about? Sorting out the various folders and files across my 3 Hard disks. 
Yes, you can stop rolling your eyes now… lolz
In one of them I found a folder unnamed, and inside it were these beautiful clicks from Pondicherry..  Have no recollection of when this trip was made or what camera I used, but these pictures caught my eye.  And the highlight of it was they were all yellow, most were Street names from Pondicherry.. Well, here they are… 
It also had me wondering- why are there so many yellow walls/buildings in Pondicherry? What is the deal with this? Any insights? Any stories?

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