Bhubhaneshwar, my trip in a nutshell – a jist of all that I did while in Odisha

After plenty of walking around and visiting three temples, I decided to take a break. Wanted to explore a bit of the town and the auto guy recommended I visit “Ekamra Haat”. 

Situated in the heart of Bhubaneshwar town, this is a huge space with shops, eateries and a space for performances as well.  Similar to Dilli Haat, but on a smaller scale was what I would describe it as. In total, it has about 40 odd shops dealing with art, craft and textile from the regions around Orissa. 

There are spaces where you can jus sit and chill, grab a bite at one of the many outlets or do some shopping. Honestly, I wasnt very impressed with the place, it seemed quite run down and blah. Mos shops were selling the same stuff, with a bit of difference in the pricing. It was however nice to see products across ranges- stone carved pieces, wood work, applique, pattachitra, cane & bamboo work, dhokra, bell metal, terracotta, palm leaf engraving and textiles [duppattas, sarees, skirts, and so on]. 

I did pick up a few art pieces, palm leaf bookmarks from this place. Ended up clicking a few photographs, talking to the local artisans and trying to understand the various crafts and their origins. It is a fun place if you dont have an agenda or dont mind walking around , killing time. There are eat outs strewn among the shops, so you can always grab a bottle of water/soft drink or something to eat. 

I bought the skirt here

Ekamra Haat
Madhusudam Marg, Unit 3, Ekamra Vihar, UNIT- 9, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751001

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