I am someone who loves to experiment with food & flavours. Mix & match ingredients when I cook to see how it turns out and so far, it has been more hits than misses. Last week, when I had gone to Escape Cinemas in Express Avenue for a movie, I was quite hungry. It was lunch time, and I hadnt had anything. The chaat menu looked appealing and one item on that caught my eye. It was Nachos Bhel Puri.
Yes, I do get that sometimes fusion food can go so wrong, there is no redemption, but then throwing caution to the wind, I went ahead and ordered a plate of the Nachos Bhel Puri. Priced at Rs100 [same as the regular Bhel Puri], this one had Nachos instead of the crisps and a few mexican spices thrown in the mix as well.  There were a few stares as I picked up the order, one lady came close and asked me what it was and how it tasted..  Told her I hadnt tasted yet, but then I love Nachos, I love Bhel, so it cant be bad.. 
Must say, it tated quite yumm.. The Nachos on top were still crispy while the ones below had soaked up the sauces and had gone soft.. Used the ones on top to scoop up the chaat and savour it. Next time you are here, do give this a shot.
What is the one fusion food you tried [with a big dollop of scepticism thrown in] and ended up loving? 
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