I grew up in Madurai and Tirunelveli and therefore find a certain charm in small towns… Life is simple, everybody knows everybody and then ofourse there are these train tracks.. I love train journeys and have done so many, have lost track of the number. The day of the last exam, mom & I would be on the 1st train iout to Chennai and again we would head back only the day before school opening. Which meant, we landed the morning of school opening, and I had to rush to the school to attend the 1st day 😀 

Friend & I were in Karaikudi, on our way to the Murugan temple or Athangudi, we came upon this railway crossing. It was just like the ones I had seen in the towns I grew up in, there was a small gate that came down, there were people and vehicles on either side waiting for clearance..

And then when the guard waved the flag, we knew the train was coming.. We stood there, waiting, some bike guys who couldn’t bother to wait, they would sneak under the bar and rush to the other side before the train came down.

Sometimes it takes seconds, and other times it takes minutes for the train to pass by and gates to open again. I loved standing outside watching the train chug along.. what fun! Well, I love train journeys as well.

It was beautiful watching the train come along and drive past the tracks…

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