Its time to pack my bags and head off to explore a new destination…
Couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, especially considering how hot it is here and the fact that am on a full on nostalgic USA trip mode.. 🙂 

Got myself a rucksack, about time I owned one, considering the amount of travel I do and my love for backpacks.. And this is the watch I wear when i travel.. Love it!! 

Headed to a state I haven’t been to before
It is raining and cold there…
The scenes and sights around here are known to be breathtaking. 
I might get to ride or drink milk off this animal… [ will be yet another 1st time experience]

So, go on, put on your caps and guess. The first 5 who guess right, will get something from the destination!! 🙂 

See you all on the other side…. 

Clue- it is popular for its hot water springs…… 

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