Since the trip to Leh, Ladakh I have been in love with the prayer flags dancing to the wind… In Sikkim too, I saw them everywhere.. Some parts of the mountain,  have a row of single coloured flags, most of them are white and then in other places there are multi coloured flags.. Near the lake and mountains, saw plenty of smaller flags [like in Leh]… 

Some interesting facts about these flags that I learnt during both the trips,

~The Flags are of 8 different colours, each with a specific significance~The flags should never touch the ground~There are vertical and horizontal flags
~The flags should also be dancing in the wind, they shouldnt be still.~If the colour on the flag fades it is actually a good omen~These flags are best received as a gift..
Here are some flags from the trip 
[some might be blurred, cos I tried clicking them from moving car]… 

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