Few days back, I spotted this lunch shot by Lifewithspices and she had sweetly shared the recipe for the Gobi tawa masala as well… It had me drooling and wanting to try the recipe, mainly cos it looked good and seemed quite easy to whip up 🙂

I love cauliflower and guess what, we had cauliflower and broccoli at home… Since it was Sunday, we decided to make something different for Lunch [gramma & I love trying out new recipes, she finds some on Facebook feed, and many from her fav Tv cookery show by Revathi Shanmugam]…  But then since it was just me & gramma, decided to just make one version, minus onions & garlic.. It came out well, and tasted yummilicious..

Oh well, does not looking anything like what K has created but we enjoyed the flavour and taste, esp the flavour added by cauliflower that had been taken to the edge on the tawa… Sharing the recipe screenshot from her feed and the final product that we dove into..

[Reipe courtesy: http://instagram.com/lifewithspices]

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