Over the past few weeks, I have had interactions with people[most of who were guys] and many points during the conversation, I was left puzzled.. I began losing grip over the English language… The thing nightmares are made of, right? Here are a few instances….

He1- I came to Chennai
Me – Ah nice, hope you had a good trip. Was it on work?
He1- I came to Chennai… Landed last evening
Me- Oh okay
He1 – Yes, here today and tomorrow.

He2 – So, what do you do for work?
Me – I am a freelance consultant… <goes on to give details>
He2- Wow, you must be rich
Me- err, cant complain. I am happy with what I make
He2- Make a..? Freelance means free no..
Me- *Smacks head on desk* . No it means I am my own boss, not an employee with any company..
He2- Oho…

Me- So, what do you do?
He3- Carrier you mean? I am into US medical billing…
Me – Career…
He3- yes, Carrier….
Me- Aaarrghhhhhh
He3- So, you live individually or accompanied?
Me – *takes me a good few seconds to wrap my head around that question & decipher it *
I live with family…..

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