The newest kid on the block was open to public and all set to wow guests. Am talking about Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa on ECR, right next to the Crocodile Bank… Swanky new property, it has been open for less than 5months and joins the league with the others along the coast. 

The Reception/Lobby

The Pub
[Image courtesy: Kamalika]

At the Indian Chef awards event..

 At the Reef

Was there with a friend last week for their Go Cheese Indian Chef Awards event and must say the property is quite impressive. 

The first thing you see as you get off the car is the buffalo art piece right in the middle and the eye goes all the way beyond it to the blue ocean… As you walk into the property, the high ceilings and open spaces is what catches the attention. I loved that there was enough room to not only walk, but maybe even run around without bumping into things or people. On one side is the Reception and other side houses the banquet hall. The reception area has ample comfortable seating options and a cart with two drinks- Lemon soda and Apple tea , perfect for the warm days or after the long drive. 

We walked along the corridor, enjoying the attention to details, be it on the signboards to the restroom, or the light fitting outside them. The main materials across the property are wood and copper, which has been used not just outside but on the interiors as well. We were shown the pub, which has a huge wooden door, and the decor inside is very rustic, with naked light bulbs and a long wooden slab packed with different colour & shaped bottles above the bar. Comfortable sofas, sleek high chair all of which blend together well in this space. 

The restaurant beyond the pub was called “The Reef” and again spacious, with enough walking space between tables and the buffet counters. We had lunch at the restaurant and food was good, what I liked about the place was they did not have a buffet that stretched on and on, it had few dishes but they were packed with flavour. They had sourdough bread, fresh herbs, and quite a range of salads, one of which was with Fresh figs [parmesan cheese & fish- I pushed fish aside and took the figs which were amazing.. couldn’t resist em].. There was also a live pasta counter. One of the desserts that stood out for me was the Fresh Figs on pudding topped with chocolate..[The chocolate melted as it touched the hot pudding below].. 

As for the rooms, a friend who I bumped into said they were quite plush. The rooms on one side face the crocodile bank, the others to the city and the third set to the ocean… Did not get a chance to get a glimpse of the room, maybe next time! 

The Indian Chef awards event happened in the main banquet hall with chefs battling it out across counters. They were given a set amount of time, ingredients and had to whip up a starter and a main. Some of the ingredients were quite exotic, like the lobsters, while another stall had stuff I love- Shiitake mushrooms, bok-choy and more.. There were also stalls by sponsors, showcasing their products… Was overall an interesting visit..

Walking out and heading back to the city, I kept thinking how amazing it must be to do a staycation here.. Hopefully soon~! 

Address: 280 East Coast Road, Vadanamelli Village 
Next to Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, 
Tamil Nadu 603104 

Phone: 044 3342 2222

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit 🙂
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