If you were to fill a room with people, a random group of people and ask them the question “Do you enjoy travelling or not?”, am sure you would get mixed responses.. Well, that is humans for you.. Each one has different thoughts, interests and methods of dealing with their life… 

When I asked a bunch of people this question, here is what some of them shared

“I love travelling, exploring new places, just visiting the popular sights in that place and coming back with stories..”

“I enjoy getting away, sick and tired of city life”

“I travel on work, and when am away, it is mostly airport hotel office and back. I pretty much live out of my suitcase”

“It is the only opportunity I get being physical and doing stuff, other than staring at the computer. So I plan a weekend trek and test my fitness levels”

“I enjoy running, and so I take my car, drive out to the nearest beach or mountain and run for a few hours… It gives me such a high”

“I dont really enjoy travelling. The thought of packing – my stuff, the kids, etc, is tiring… So holidays arent really holidays for me..”

“My holidays have all been planned by the husband and activities lined up are what he enjoys.. So, I just go along, pretend to enjoy.. Given a choice, I would just go to a quiet place, and unwind”

“My kind of holiday is staying at a resort, lazy lavish breakfast, swim in the pool and chill” 

“I love the hills and would ideally getaway and just cut off from the world”

“I don’t travel, my idea of fun is to go to the mall, do some shopping or a movie”

“Travel – Goa, Pondy, Bangkok… these are the places I love… go, grab a few beers, some beach fun and find a hot chick…. *wink wink”

Well, what is your answer to the question? 

As for me, I love to travel – it is all about discovering new places, meeting people, learning about cultures, testing my limits with activities and spending time with myself above it all..  

I don’t have a bucket list, but just hope to visit all the states in our country and few outside.. So far all the trips I have been on have been amazing, fun, adventurous and challenging…  

Most of my trips have been solo, and I honestly have no qualms about travelling on my own.. If you were to travel with a friend/partner/family/someone else, it becomes dicey..  You need to have similar tastes, mind set or one person hold the reigns and other tags along.. That said, I have done a few group trips, 2/3 times they were good, and I came back alive… 😀 

The most recent one was with women I did not know- connected with one through a Facebook travel group, and the ball rolled on from there.. Met the others at Delhi, and we survived each others’ company, had a good time and everyone went back with good happy memories.. 

Infact, one incident I remember from years ago was when my parents were desperately trying to get me married off.. There was this guy who came home with his parents, aunt- uncle and after a while,we were sent off to get to know each other..  After a few mins I realised this guy has lived his entire life in 5km radius in Hyderabad [ pre partition era], and hadnt gone out of that zone at all.. he was puzzled with what I did, he did not understand why I liked going out.. At the end of the day, things did not work out [doh] and it dawned on me there was a whole world of people who were content not stepping out of their comfort zone… 

Another incident was not so long ago, it was with a guy who was also from Hyd, had travelled once to Mumbai on work [ airport, office and back] and wanted to do a weekend away.. He had zeroed in on Hampi. When I asked why, all he had to say was “Friends have been there and said it is a nice place”.. I quizzed him on his interests, if he was into history, heritage, and he had no idea about it, but was keen on going there.. We reached Hampi, did an hour around Vittala temple, and he was like “is this what the rest of the town is gonna be like? How boring…! He did grunt and moan when I said lets go to Virupaksha temple, but the minute we reached there, he halted in his steps and said “you go ahead, Its a temple, am not coming inside” Am like “Wtf dude…I have been to Hampi before, but then went ahead spent time wandering around….” The trip was cut shot and i literally couldnt wait to get on the bus and bid his horrible company good bye… Sigh! 

Well, I get that many dont like to travel or dont get why others do… it is perfectly fine if you don’t enjoy travelling or haven’t travelled much, just don’t diss others who do things differently…  Do not tell others “whats the point, or why are you wasting money….” What people do with their time/money is their personal choice… 

Why do you travel or what do you do for fun?
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