Beetroot Ravioli

A cocktail with Gin base… 

Panner e Hasan

Steam Edamame & Truffle Dimsum

Taouk Shish- Char Grilled Chicken, Onion Dumac salad with Turkish Bread

Three Cheese Jalapeno and Pesto Mushroom Tikka

Pumpkin Ravioli

Garlic Naan, Plain Naan, Dal Makhani & Butter Chicken


Veg Pizzas

Churros with three dips- Salted caramel, dark chocolate and apple cinnamon sauce.. 
Dessert Platter- included Dark Chocolate Cake & Blueberry Cheese Cake

The highlight apart from the delectable food was meeting their new Executive Chef Michele Dal Cero [Mikela Daal Cherro is how it is pronounced] who is from Verona in Italy, but was working in Korea for the past 7years before which he did a stint at Shangri-La in Mangolia for a year. It was fascinating listening to his stories and experiences across regions and people. He was all praise for the team at Flying Elephant, saying they were quite smart, quick to learn new recipes and replicate them unlike some of the people he has worked with earlier. We also spoke in length about food from his hometown, his family and the region around. I love hearing stories, it infact adds to the whole experience and tells you so much about a person and their heritage. 

The Food & Drinks

The first thing I read on the new Bar menu was Three Cheese Jalapeno & Pesto Mushroom Tikka.. Few items down was the Steam Edamame & Truffle Dimsum. Now with dishes like that on the menu, the curiosity to try the dishes was quite high and I was literally holding my breath waiting for these dishes to arrive at the table. The evening though began with the beautiful Beetroot Ravioli, which I have had before and with every bite it plays on your senses.. The beetroot has been cooked in so many different ways that you take a few minutes to wrap your head around it. And you can imagine how the rest of the evening must have been..

As for the food and drinks, the evening sailed along quite smoothly. I had three different cocktails, all with gin as the main base, one had curry leaves, other two were far more subtle.. cant remember the names, I just let the staff decide and surprise me 😀 [ya I take risks like that] 

The dimsum melted in our mouth, the truffle flavour singing a song till it reached the tummy… The Middle Eastern flavours of the Taouk Shish was quite good, I tasted the bread with pickled onions and the vegetables from the skewers… The Mushroom tikka was heavenly, I love Mushrooms and this one was stuffed with pesto, crumb coated and cooked on the grill..  The pumpkin ravioli was again one that I have had before, and loved it this time as well- the sweetness of the ravioli, the crunch of the paper thin wafer and the sweet sauce… What is good about the menu is all the dishes are almost like finger food, no mess no need for fancy cutlery, pick it up, pop in your mouth [maximum 2 bites] and enjoy the flavours…

To wrap up the meal we got two desserts, one was a platter and the other well we got served cos we are sweet people, if you ask nicely they might get it for you as well.. Am talking about the Churros.. Mamma mia, it was heavenly… I loved it on its own and with the various sauces, esp the apple cinnamon… Dying to try my hand at making it at home~!! 

Well, after a meal like that, all one needs is a good book and some sweet company to snuggle with..You would end up dreaming about the various flavours of India …. spices singing sweet melodies…  ;o) 

A meal for two should work out to Rs2500 ++ and this is available for dinner from 7pm at Flying Elephant…

Park Hyatt 
39, Velachery Main Rd, Guindy,

Call 044 7177 1234 for reservation



The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂

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