The cool logo..

Vadam with 4 chutneys…

The drinks- Panagam, Rose milk, Nannari Soda, and Neer Mor

Tomato Jeeragam Soup

Veg Starters- 

Muttai Kalakki 

Bun parotta
Desserts- Pomogranate Payasam, Tirunelveli Halwa with ice cream, Black forest cake with akkaravadasal, Panjamirtham panna cotta, Coconut saffron pudding and Rose Falooda…

The Entire meal- 63 items!!

Well, now that you have feasted on the photographs, time to read a bit about the place and all that they offer. When I heard the name “Kokkarakko”, the 1st question that popped in my head was “Would there be any, absolutely any veg food at a place with such a name?, the 2nd question was – would it be too non veggy?, as in there are some restaurants that specialise in non-veg, and the minute you enter the aroma of non veg food hits you, it lingers in the air and everywhere around..”

I got answer to both questions the minute I walked up the flight of stairs to the restaurant. The place actually had a lovely ambience, they have both indoor and outdoor seating area, that were well lit and spaced out. And then came the menu, I spotted not one but quite a few vegetarian dishes, bringing on a smile!! 

And then I met Kaushik, the “Mad Chef” who spoke passionately about the food, the ingredients being sourced from specific places ensuring best in quality and how most recipes were home recipes, things that we have grown up eating. I know we hear that very same spin in many places, but here I actually agree to all that he said, cos the Vadam served with 4 kinds of chutneys, the tomato jeera soup, the seppangkezhangu fry were all exactly as we make it at home. On request, I got a Muttai Kalakki [a famous egg omelette type food from Coimbatore region]…While the dishes have all been taken to the next level, the flavours were spot on, almost as if they had been transported from our home kitchen… 🙂 

Each and every dish arrived piping hot to the plate, some of them cooked in pure ghee which added to their flavour, esp the Nei soru [ghee rice], that was perfect with the podi and pickles… {remembered my gramma who keeps saying how some dishes need the extra spoonful of ghee to give it that zing…} … 

What a roller coaster that meal was and we had happily sailed through nearly 40+ dishes in a span of 2.5hours. Non veg folks do have a range of chicken dishes to choose from, each one cooked differently but when I saw my friends dig into them, it was evident they were all good. Including the Parotta that they slurped away with salna [ which I discovered was a basic gravy when cooking Chicken dishes, which most times is ignored, but is the perfect combination for the parotta… the salna is poured on top of the parotta, let to soak and then you dive in.. paints quite a picture, right? Who knows, it might catch on]… 

The biggest surprise came in little tea cups called “dessert”..  With every spoonful, your mind tells you it cannot be while your taste palate tells you otherwise. There was one with warm Tirunelveli halwa served with ice cream, another with panna cotta topped with panjamirtham [pazhani panjamirtham to be specific, which is more of a jam consistency]…  
They have a Veg Thali priced at Rs149+ tax [ with 23 dishes] and 

There is the other elaborate one with 63 dishes priced at Rs 659+ tax [perfect for an evening out with your gang of friends]

AddressVelvette House, 1st Floor, Dr Ambedkar Rd, Kodambakkam, 
                Chennai – 600024
Phone: +91 99625 71111

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂
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