I know its been a while since I was here… Leave alone share a few thoughts and words..Well, what better day to make a start than right after a fun Scrabble game with a friend…  We exchanged more than just tiles and words, read on to know more…. 

Was playing scrabble the other day with my neighbour Priya.. I was winning and then she started using fancy words, some of which I hadn’t heard before. Got me curious and I asked her what was up?! She smiled and played her move.. Few minutes later, casually she began sharing her latest news- I was silent awhile.. She asked if i was contemplating my next move. I told her I was zapped happy and ecstatic. She had decided to pursue a long lost dream. I took a few sips of my coffee and braced myself for more.. We had spoken about hopes and dreams, aspirations and fantasies and so much more.. She mentioned signing up with one of the best IAS training Center in Chennai and I quizzed her on it for a good half hour there on…  She had recently joined the Chinmaya IAS Academy and was raving about how good they were…

Oh wow, how things change…. I hadn’t met her for 6 months and her entire life had taken a turn, for the better. She had shifted gears and taken decisions. I was so proud of her. As she played her move, she told me that she had not decided overnight, it had taken a month before she actually went and signed up with a civil service coaching centre in chennai we had read about few months ago, taking a big step and pushing her limits. She was petrified nervous and anxious. Her parents were surprised, especially cos she was also talking about pushing her marriage by few years. Coming from a conservative family, I can imagine the drama that must have unfolded. Her father was the 1st one to speak, and he said “Go for it”, dont worry about amma, she will come around & even boast about your accomplishments.. 

It was then I remembered how my gramma had told me she secretly hoped I would get into the services. I was flabbergasted when she confessed and told her she should have told me and pushed me ahead. I was clueless when I was finishing school and did courses that I wish I hadnt, rather I wish I had had someone to guide me better and show me what I was capable of. Oh well~!! 

Anyways, I made my move, it was now Priya’s turn to play and her next word was “Compete”.. Well, here we go….I made my next move “Dream” using the one blank tile I had .. We continued the game, nibbling on snacks and breaking our heads to come up with bigger better words…
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