I love reading, those who know me know that I am constantly reading a book, either fiction or something on general topic. Infact there have been times when I read two books side by side, one will be fiction other on travel… And then there are times when I come across a topic during a conversation or chat, and that will spark off a reading session…

So, yes, I am a curious kind! If somebody talks about something I wasn’t very aware of, you can be sure I will Google it, and even grab a book on the same pretty soon.. It is one thing I love about me. Recently, during a conversation with a client, they mentioned adopting Salesforce, a cloud based CRM platform for their ops and even though I knew of CRM, I hadn’t used Salesforce or heard of it much. This got me digging, and finally led me to a site that seems to be one of the finest places that offer Salesforce training in Chennai.

When I dug up on this topic, I understood that it is the new thing that is helping people deal with customer relationship issues. Before the birth of Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions were primarily hosted by the company on their own servers. And that infact takes time, effort and manpower as well. Now with changing times and competition, plus the advances in technology, everything has been moved to the cloud, including CRM solutions. Instead of spending months and tonnes of money, one can set up the Salesforce platform within minutes and have it up and running. Everything is online and easily accessible from anywhere.

How cool is that right? Also, understood that the various CRM functions have their own Salesforce arena- sales, ops and so on. So, depending on which department you are working in, you need to focus on the same. The salesforce CRM Training in Chennai is done by this company run by a team of experts who know the system end to end.

Like all new topics I read on, it becomes a sort of a rabbit hole, I just keep going till I realise I have gone too far, or am lost and try to retrace my way back. With the CRM tool- Salesforce too, I discovered a whole world of information, that included some of its key benefits. For what its worth, I shall share some of them here. Hopefully it will help someone who is as curious as I am or is working on this platform.

1. Stay organised and connected… 

The platform allows you to track information related to customers easily, as it is neatly organised into categories.  Since it is all in the cloud, you can access any information pertaining to one particular customer [even things that might not be what you have created]. It makes it that much more easier dealing with multiple clients and thereby helps grow the business. This offers a more complete, holistic approach to managing your growing business. 

Even if you are going to be away, someone else can access the information and take over where you left off.  You can create to do lists, plan the yearly calendar and other activities from this platform. 

You can also keep your other team members updated on what has happened with respect to a customer and let them know what needs to be done. You can chat on the platform and share information/documents etc… 

2. Manage Time better
Since the platform allows you to feed information, events, and schedule meetings/follow ups, you can enable alert systems which means you save a lot of time. It also means you are far more organised and professional in your approach. How easy is that? Am sure you too can achieve all this with a few hours of training and hands on work, that way a new skill gets added to your resume and you grow as an individual as well… 

Well, now that I have shared what I have learnt on the topic, time for you to go do your research and come back with any queries/updates… Time for me to go look up something else, something new and exciting… 🙂 
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