She was at her desk, had been staring at the system for a few minutes with a blank look on her face. Her colleague stood next to her wondering what she was thinking or struggling with.
She touched her on her shoulder and she turned with a jolt, as if she had seen a ghost. When she saw it was just S, she smiled, and said hello.

“Whats up R, what are you doing/not doing?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh we have this new tool for CRM, and am trying to make sense of it. It seems easy on first glance, but I guess I need to spend a few minutes reading up about it.” she answered.

“What is it called, I have been handling CRM tools for a while” she chimed in.

“Salesforce” she grunted and pointed to the screen.

Oh my, infact I was just reading about this place which is known to offer the best salesforce developer training in Chennai…” she answered before asking her to move and let her use her laptop.

She opened a new tab and typed in salesforce training institute in Chennai and showed him the page with all the info on it. “There you go, now you can get all the info you need and more here”. Saying which she got up to go back to her seat…

Today with everything managed on the cloud, you can maintain, and continue to manage the company’s customer relationship through this… Infact, this CRM tool covers sales marketing and customer relations. Salesforce is known to be one of the most easy to use, manage and efficient cloud based CRM tool around. Just check out this website and within an hour or so you will know what kind of assistance you need to ace the platform and get back to finishing your pending tasks.

After about an hour, she gave out a short yelp. She looked up from her cubicle to see R grinning. What happened, she enquired.

“Hey, I just signed up for a certification program with these guys and the few doubts I had were clarified right then & there through a live chat support system. How cool is that! To think I was feeling dejected and ready to give up not so long ago. You were truly a life saver, woman! Thanks.. ” Come , let me buy you a cup of coffee.

Saying that they walked towards the cafeteria, and stood in line at the Coffee counter. Next to them were a couple of others who were also talking about Salesforce, the new happening CRM platform and how they were all puzzled how it works and what to do to get into it. R decided to butt in and share with them what she had just discovered.

She walked around the gang, and struck up a conversation with one of the guys she knew, she had infact worked with him on an earlier project.

R- Hi G, whats happening. Why do all of you look so puzzled?

G- Oh that is cos of the new platform that the company has signed up on, and now we have to all learn and get on board, else our jobs at stake.

R- Which one is this? I was told about Salesforce today and it had me baffled for a while before I found this salesforce training Institute in Chennai. Looks like they are quite good and will be able to help me learn the ropes quite fast.

G- Hey that is the same platform I was also talking to the others about. Do share the information you have, maybe we will all sign on and make a dash for it. But then do they have a program for those in sales versus those in customer service?

R- Yes, i did read about the different about the different courses and the things covered under the same. Obviously the targets, roles and responsibilities we have under customer service will be different from yours in sales, so you need to look at learning the skills needed to help you at your arena.

G- That is good. I just hope we are able to make sense of the platform, grasp the concepts and implement them in our business, so our goals are achieved.

R- Well, only time will tell how we fare. lets go have that coffee, I see the guys calling you. See you around.
Saying that R walked back to her colleague and narrated the tale. Her colleague laughed and said “Well, glad I was able to help.. you bette treat me to something good when you start implementing and earning compliments from the boss” 
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