Schools these days are very different from what they were a few years ago. Parents today go through far greater obstacles and hurdles to get their children into a good school. But it doesn’t stop there, there is something new every month and every term, be it related to fees or things to be done or just grades /evaluation.

There are times when parents are unable to make it to a parent teachers meeting, or the teacher wishes to share something about the child but does not make sense doing over a note or a phone call. There maybe an instance when something vital needs to be shared with a parent but the child is at a residential school in a different town. What does one do under such circumstances? One would say parents need to make time for the child or be there at all times, but let us be practical.

All this said and done, the parents role goes beyond attending a PTA or just meeting their child’s teacher once or twice a year. Parents and teachers need to stay in touch a lot more, they are the two most powerful and influential people in a child’s life and this holds true till the child finishes school. Both parties need to realise schools offer far more than just teaching lessons and grades. This is the place where a child spends most of their waking hours, and gets maximum learning that prepares them for the world outside. Therefore, it is in such circumstances that technology comes into play, giving them a platform to stay connected on.
A decade ago, teachers used to give homework or projects and it would get written down in a diary. But these days, there are apps and websites, or Whatsapp through which information is shared with the parents. There are open channels of communication round the clock between the teaching faculty and parents which has made it so convenient to keep track of what is going on at the school. It seems there is lesser human being contact and more of technology these days, that is how much things have changed. With a good School parent communications app in place, the two set of people who influence a child’s life are connected with ease.

The School Parent app comes with various features and elements that help make things easier for both parents and the teachers.

Regular Communication
The first point and the most valuable one is that through the School parent communications app-VOICE SNAP, there will be regular communication between the teachers and the parents. At times, parents might not have time to chat with the teacher and so they can use this app to reach out and share information or clarify doubts. The app also comes in handy in case the child is unwell, or unable to make it to class and the parent needs to inform the teacher.

Sometimes if a third person/a friend or relative might be in town and wish to pick the child up from school. This update too can be sent to the teacher so they are kept posted and ensure the child is released to a trust worthy person and not a random stranger.. Teachers use the app to send information about exams, upcoming tests, exhibitions or any other updates to the parents. This helps bridge communication gap between the two parties and ensure smooth sailing for the child as well.

Staying updated
It is always good to be updated when it comes to technology and this holds true for schools and other educational institutions as well. Many a times information and updates are offered on the website, and other times through these apps and instant messaging services. Instead of asking the child about what happened at school, or an incident that took place, one can get information through the app directly.

Similarly, if a child gets into trouble or falls ill, these apps allow the teachers to send an instant message to the parent. Even if the parent is in a meeting or busy, they will receive the same and be able to make arrangements to resolve the issue.

Overall, the beauty of this school app is that
1. It is easy to use with a simple interface
2. Parents can reach out to teachers at any point of time
3. Parents can track their child’s performance over a period of time
4. Teachers & Parents need not wait for a parent teacher meeting to get update or clarify any issues.
5. Obtain instant alerts in case of emergency or trouble.

So, bottomline is that one needs to go with the flow and welcome changes as they happen. All of this makes life easy and convenient as well. If your child is in school, check and sign on the app with an open mind and be ready for a smooth ride ahead….
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