Breads with hummus & dips

Negroni [said to go well with the Paccheri]

Nick’s pizza

Achari Broccoli 

Asian Bowl- Tofu

Sangria served with Broccoli

Ricotta cake with strawberry compote

Paccheri with Lentils & Lobster

Hazel butter, choco lava, vanilla caramel fudge ice cream

Desi Tres leche

The Elephant’s found its pair
Yes, thats what they are calling this new menu that is being rolled out at Flying Elephant. I have heard of food being paired with drinks [ alcoholic/non alcoholic], seen it on TV cookery shows, but this was the 1st time I was experiencing the same. 
All kinds of questions were running through my mind- how do you pick a drink for a dish, veg/non veg, alcoholic/non alcoholic, mains and desserts.. the questions were endless… I did ask some of this to the staff, but still need more insights into the world of pairing! I wonder if it is as complicated as human beings, when we look for a partner… 🙂 
Anyways, coming back to the evening, it was all about amazing flavours and textures. The evening began with the spicy Achari Broccoli that was served with a glass of Sangria [ was told this was one of the popular pairing] and well, I enjoyed them both.. 
Then came the Nick’s pizza, quite a twist to the regular pizza- it had thin crust, palm sugar and cheese topped wit a handful of arugula.. Oh boy oh boy, we loved it..  Apparently it was a pizza put together thanks to a regular guest at the Hotel, Nick~ Thank you Nick, we loved it… 
There was also a version of the Asian bowl [I opted for one with Tofu], served with Thai green curry that was good, but it got cold by the time we dug into it. Along came a pasta dish, Paccheri- a big tube shaped pasta served on a bed of lentils cooked with tomatoes [ it also had a lobster sitting pretty on top], the veg alternative would be mushrooms & water chestnut… Oooh then came the yummilicious warm Ricotta cake with strawberry compote- surprisingly it is listed in the savories section and not dessert. [maybe cos it had a few romaine lettuce leaves on the side and salty notes]. I dint care, it was warm, comforting and yummm.. 
For desserts, we got to sample both the new items- Desi Tres leches  [ a take on our humble rasamalai] and Hazel butter, Choco lava, vanilla caramel fudge ice cream[ the ice cream was sinful, the lava cake was molten & gooey] … We also requested for their signature Churros that comes with three dipping sauces-  the best of them being the apple puree.. Hubba hubba… 
This new paired menu seems quite interesting and while some from the old menu would remain, these new dishes sure had us grinning away…. 
The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂
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