They way weddings are carried out has changed over time. We all know that a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and people want to remember that special moment and day for as long as they live. Which is probably why Wedding photography is so important. These days, there is a trend of candid wedding photography which is catching up fast. Though this is the new hip trend, there are many fans for traditional wedding photography. And this extends to the wedding album as well. More and more couples are choosing to go with photographers who are good at candid photographs, than composed shots. 

Candid photographs reflect on the moods, moments and varied emotions of the people at the wedding as it happens. It is the best part, one need not stand a certain way, pose a certain manner or even have a smile on their face or follow the 1/3rd rule just so the photograph comes out well. Oh and candid photographs are all about clicking on the go, not informing people that they are going to be clicked and a moment captured. 

Among the Professional wedding photographers in Chennai, there are quite a few who have become a pro in candid photography. They are willing to bend the rules, and go with the flow, rather than stick to tradition and look for the perfect moment to capture. It has become a trend for young couples to obsess over the various elements in a wedding, down the last word. Gone are the days when cliched poses and photographs where everyone is standing in order etc was important. Couples are looking for photographs that are different and memorable, plus are unique to their moment. If you are looking at the Candid wedding photographers in Chennai, then you are sure to find Anand’s portfolio stands out, giving him an edge over the others.
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Most couples do a pre-wedding photo shoot at a location picked by them or the photographer. Infact, it is no longer at a park or an empty hotel lawn, many are doing photo shoots at a busy mall or maybe even at a school auditorium.. And of course there is the big day, the wedding day when the photographers are given free reign around the venue to click away. Which is why you see shots when the bride is getting her make up on, or when the groom is buttoning his shirt up with a focussed serious look on his face instead of a fake smile. It also includes the families greeting each other, or whispering something in each others’ ears. All these moments are what makes candid photography so amazing.

Well, we aren’t saying that conventional photography style is bad or boring, but seeing album after album filled with people standing in a straight line with the newly wed couple or with the same smile on their face can get boring and repetitive. People need something new and so candid photography is IN!

The beauty of candid photography is that each photograph tells a story, it shows a moment that happened between two people or just something someone is going through with themselves… It is all about how they are in their natural element and not a forced pose.

The photographers have a creative eye, that allows them to stay tuned at all times and capture moments that might be missed otherwise. They also plan ahead, getting in place and setting up their gear that gives them a good view of the entire space. This means they can capture anything that happens within that radius at any point of time.

When the wedding is over and done with, the couple sometimes take the photographer along for their honeymoon [for the initial few days] to capture their moments at the destination. It gives a whole different perspective to how things have changed. The emotions the body language and the setting all play a big role in this. 

And once you are done with all the festivities and sit down to look at the Photo album, you will go WOW, or Awww or “Oh my” at every photograph. Telling a story through the lens is what the Candid photographers do best, which is  one big reason why these photographs will continue to surprise people for years to come. You might see something new, laugh within yourself as you recollect a moment or relive a moment, making it special~ 

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