A food delivery app.. 
So, whats different you ask?
Well, this one is food from one home to another…
Yes, you read it right..
EAT, the new app is all about connecting home chefs with hungry souls… 
A new delivery app, whole new concept that makes a start in Chennai city,
all thanks to Arun Bhaktavatsalam & his team/crew… 
Right now there are 12 home chefs on board and another 25 should be on by the end of this week. And with time, there are bound to be more home chefs who make it possible for others in the city to try their home cooked food. 
All you do is download the app, enter the locality,  scroll through the list of home chefs available in your locality/3km radius, order and wait for hot food to arrive at your doorstep. These guys have their own fleet, so delivery is taken care of by them. Infact, Arun was saying that down the road they hope to be servicing the enter city, and delivery time would be under 30mins..
They vouch for the quality of food and the kitchen, plus FSSAI License, which means the food being sent out is of the best quality…  So next time, hunger strikes give this app a shot…. 
There was an event to launch the app on Sunday which also featured about 9-10 stalls by home chefs, showcasing their dishes , giving the audience a chance to sample what they were in for… 
Here is a video from the launch- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdEkm7LcS4M
For details, visit: www.eatalltime.com












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