I have always loved taking photographs of the skies, the clouds and just about anything that catches my eye.. Not so much people, cos I somehow feel am intruding/invading their privacy by taking their picture. But if I do, I always ask their permission & show them the shot afterwards..

I got a new phone around my birthday and this was recommended by someone special and I must say it has been fun clicking pictures, and talking on the phone [ the mic wasn’t working in my earlier unit and so I had to rely on a handsfree all the time]. Ok, without digressing further, I was out for a meeting yesterday and on the way back, noticed the amazing burst pattern among the clouds and just had to capture the beauty.

Took a few shots with the lens on Zoom out mode, and then touched the button next to it, opting for the no zoom format, the entire landscape transformed in front of my eyes.. Loved how the scene panned out … Here are some shots from last evening…

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