There I was, surfing through channels to see if there was anything interesting on TV when I landed on Living Foodz. I waited a second to see the orange screen with “you have not subscribed to this channel” message pop up, but instead I saw Ranveer Brar in a kitchen.. Woah, back up a bit! I get this channel? Did I subscribe? Shhh… stop thinking about all that and I decided to watch the show. It was called Ghar Sa Yummy with Ranveer Brar.. He whipped up 2-3 dishes on the show, and I managed to note down one recipe… I did this again the 2nd and 3rd day, and then poof, the channel was gone… oh well~!

Among the recipes I noted down was one that I decided to make for dinner.. It was Creamy Mushroom with not a drop of cream in it.. Yes, you read it right. Here goes,


Makane- 100 gms
Cashew – 6-8
Curd- 2 tbsp
Water- 1 cup +1 Cup
Mushrooms- Half a packet [6-8 nice big ones]
Salt- to taste
Elaichi powder- a pinch
Sugar- a pinch
Garam masala – teeny tiny pinch [ this was my twist to the dish since I did not want it sweet, not there in the original recipe]

The process
1. In a pan, add the water with some salt. To this add Yoghurt and keep stirring while you add the cashew and Makane. Now to this add some ghee and let it cook for 10-15mins till the Makane go soft. Once done, remove and blitz to a paste.
2. In a 2nd pan, add a cup of water and boil the mushrooms for 5-6mins. Remove and set aside.
3.  In one of the pans, add some ghee, cinnamon stick, a clove, bayleaf and the gravy mixture. Cook it down fora few minutes before adding the sugar, elaichi powder & garam masala.. Put in the mushrooms and make sure it is well coated with the gravy mix… Add water if you feel it is too thick..

Ta da.. The dish is ready…  I want to try this with methi and paneer, will let you know how it turns out.. I had it with rice, next time wanna try with lachcha paratha or roti..

Creamy mushroom with rice [not a great pic, but it tasted yummm]…

Note- If you get this channel, do watch this show, the dishes are fairly simple, and you get the entire recipe at the end of the cook.


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