A friend had posted a tweet in which she had shared a video of a simple Cauliflower dish being cooked. The video was all about how Chef Eyal Shani had given a new lease of life to the humble cauliflower, which is usually considered a boring vegetable. Being a vegetarian, I love it, and have tried cooking it in various ways.. And the many many episodes of Masterchef have taught me there are more ways to cook this veggie. Ideas started forming in my head and I knew I was going to try this recipe soon. Heck, it had just 3 ingredients~!

I love par boiled cauliflower, that is slightly roasted in a pan with nothing but some butter and salt with pepper or herbs. I end up pushing it to the edge [almost burnt], which is a personal favourite. When it cooked to mush and served south indian style, I hate it.. I love my veggies with a bit of bite left in them… Infact there have been times I have adapted a non veg dish with cauliflower and it tastes yumm…

So, yesterday, on my way back from the morning walk, I picked up veggies, including one cauliflower. Once you par boil the full cauliflower in salted water, it  takes 10mins to prep and have it sitting in the oven roasting away. Just make sure to check in between and let it sit few minutes after you take it out of the oven. You can pull the florets with your hands and eat it as is, or add spices/cheese/whatever else you desire…

While cooking, I realised that heat comes through the coils at the bottom in my OTG, so I flipped the cauliflower on its head and let it roast.. Took about 25mins in total to cook… [you can check the full recipe here]


Miznon’s roast cauliflower- I sprinkled some oregano half way through the roast… 



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