Last evening, I went up to the terrace cos the ACT guys wanted to sort out the cable, and install a connection at home. While the rep was busy doing his thing, I wandered about, looking around, up and down, left and right. Got a glimpse of some beautiful trees around our home, few jackfruits hanging high up on the tree and the kitty cats lounging atop the sunshade or our shed roof… But the most breathtaking sight was the skies, as always….

On one side for a moment the skies looked a pretty blue, but then within minutes it was time for the sun to set, and the colours were changing to pale yellow, orange tones.. Was mesmerizing watching them transform… And then I heard the rep say he was done, and was headed downstairs.. I lingered about for a while, and then slowly made my way downstairs, shutting the door behind me..

So, here are a few captures,

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