What does it feel like to step out, and go into a restaurant?
What are the protocols they follow?
Will it be safe to dine out?

These are some questions that my friends & I had been discussing a few months back. And today, I write this post after having dined at Peshawri, ITC Grand Chola Chennai. So, what was the experience like?

Well, it was good… Actually, it was very reassuring to see the hotel has put in place all necessary protocols – they check your temperature right at the entrance, there is a mini kiosk of sorts that does this as you stand in front of it and stare into the screen. And then at the restaurant entrances and many other places, there are sanitizer bottles available for you to use. Every single staff was wearing a mask and a shield, and there are enough indications across the hotel requesting visitors and guests to sanitize, social distance, and wear a mask. Impressive~!

As I made my way towards Peshwari, I saw a sanitizer stand right outside, and a form that you need to fill out stating your current health condition before you head to your table. Across the seating area, there are partitions in place, between tables, and all cutlery [plates and glasses + cutlery when you request] are packed in neat paper bags. There are aprons too inside these parcels – red for non-vegetarians, and green for vegetarians.

After settling in, enjoying a glass of Jacobs creek white wine, I spotted the waiting staff brings forth a long plank of sorts towards the table. He was wearing a mask and a shield and held out the platter telling me to pick up a plate. Ooh, “no-touch”, and I had the option of using the tongs provided to pick up food as well [if I did not want to pick up the entire plate]. How cool~!

This format followed through the meal. Water was served in glass bottles that were sealed, you were given cutlery only if you asked for it [ the restaurant follows a no rice, no cutlery policy cos they believe food tastes best when eaten with your hands]. Have loved the food here, esp their dal makhani, and that day too the starters, roti, and daal did not disappoint. Apart from these, there was also a paneer side dish that was amazing. I stopped myself after a few glasses of wine and waited for the desserts to arrive. Loved loved the gulab jamun, but the kulfi I passed on cos it had rose essence [not fond of that flavour]. They also have a Phirni made with Govindbhog rice that is just divineeeee…

We picked up our stuff, put on the mask, and made our way to the exit. I noticed a mini sanitizer unit being used to clean the cars/vehicles coming into the property. Which hotel have you been to? What was your experience like? If you are looking for a dining option that is safe and secure, head over to ITC Grand Chola and indulge with no fear.

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Meal for 2 will work out to Rs3000-4000 [not incl alcohol]

ITC Grand Chola,
No. 63, Anna Salai,
Chennai- 600032
Phone – 044 2220 0000

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