Did you know there is a Hotel called ‘Mercure‘ all the way across town?

I must admit I hadn’t heard of the hotel before, but curiosity got the better of me and I went ahead and looked it up.This hotel is a quaint property set in the midst of SIPCOT Industrial Estate in Oragadam. I decided to head out there for lunch and check it out. Friday morning, I was up early to finish off work, cooking and work calls. Was ready and out the door at 1120am. While I thought it would take us over an hour and a half, it took us exactly an hour to reach the property.

Mercure Chennai Sriperumbudur, the only international brand in Sriperumbudur-Oragadam industrial area and automobile hub. It is 45 min drive from Chennai airport. Mahindra world city and Marimalai Nagar are just 29 min drive from the hotel. Hotel features an all-day dining restaurant with alfresco, multiple meeting spaces, a fitness center, travel desk and entertainment facilities. This hotel located opposite to Apollo Tyres is also in close proximity to major corporate’s & IT companies. [from their website]

Oh, I must share this – the hotel had sent across a cab and in the cab there was a fresh pair of gloves and a new mask for me to use.

As we pulled into the property, I noticed that it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and if I did not know of it, I might have missed it even while driving past that area.

I was quite surprised as I walked around the lobby and got a whiff of the place. The decor, the colours, the layout was beautiful. I had a whole book of questions in my head, which thankfully the General Manager was able to answer and some more. The property is 4years old and typically caters to the business crowd – including expats who come visiting the factories located in that area, many of who are from other Asian countries. I also discovered it was part of the Accor group.

The decor, the art is very TAMIL NADU – there are murals of the Shore temple, Brihadeeshwara temple and other aspects of our culture. Every floor, as the elevator doors open you see a wall art of musical instruments with their names written in both English & Tamil. I was curious to see the rooms [they have 100rooms] and voila, what do you know, the theme continues. On one section of the wall, near the work station, is a Thirukural – again in both English & Tamil. The view from the rooms is quite impressive- open expanse with just the factories dotting the skyline at a distance. The bathrooms and layout was almost like what we see in every other hotel – chic, modern and quirky. One of the floors had a set of suites- that had an additional room meant for work/meetings and a giant bathtub in the bathrooms.

I sipped on a mint cucumber cooler as I walked around the property, taking it all in- there was a lovely lounge area, with a bar, a long community stuyle table and the doors opened out to their al fresco section with a pool. Considering summer is around the corner, am sure most guests would love to hang out here at sun down.

HYBRID’ the sports theme café lounge bar featuring snooker and Xbox…

Melange is their all day dining space.

They have a buffet for breakfast and lunch with limited but interesting options [Chef mentioned the spread was much larger but since Covid they have made some edits]

Chef Indra Maya Rai took me through a range of Japanese dishes like Miso shiru & Gohan, Yaki tori, Teriyaki, Tori Karage, wafu steak, Buta shogayaki, mixed Chahan, Ramen Soupy noodles, Bento box and more. Phew, arent they all such tongue twisters? but I must admit, for someone who has had some amount of Japanese food in India and in USA, this meal was a treat for the senses. Loved how each dish had a unique flavour and texture .. Infact, when Chef came over asking if I wanted to try their Bento box, I grinned sheepishly and told her I was stuffed, will take her up on it for the next visit.

The city i call home throws me surprises every now and then..

Mercure Hotel, CP 8, Sipcot Industrial Park- Oragadam,
Chennai 602105
Ph: 044 6711 8500

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also, remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit ~! 

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