Why are people always trying to one UP the other? what do they get out of it? is it is an ego rush or a power trip or do they not realise what they doing? And just do it because it comes naturally to them..

I have met quite of few people who do this,  ending up sounding condescending and disrespectful to those they are talking to. They say things, almost like as if they are sitting on a some high chair and looking down at you like you don’t deserve to be on this planet.

As a person, I am a minimalist & very content with what I have. That is not to say  I don’t like things, or am not making good money or can’t afford fancy luxury things..

I can do all of the above I am much more than these people who behave like they own the world. When I see people behave in the condescending arrogant manner, putting others down or showing off how they have arrived in life, it actually make me sad.. I don’t feel hurt, I don’t feel upset – its quite the opposite~~

What brought this post on? Well, after a long long time I went home for a visit & met my sister + spent more than just a few seconds with her. Family was gushing and buzzing around her- well nothing new and I felt just as invisible as I always did, again nothing new.

This was probably my 1st trip home was packed with anxiety and tension – because ever since my sister had landed in Chennai, she had been giving me updates about Floppy, to a point where it sounded like he had 1 paw in the grave. Made me sad, angry and helpless.. Planning the trip, I was nervous as hell, to a point where I was ready to go meet the vet to figure out a way to compassionately put him down if that was what was needed..

I landed there, I saw him, spend some time with him to assess the situation. At the end of the hour, I realised he was just as he had been 6 month back when I visited. Yes, he still had difficulty getting up [that was due to his arthritis] and his eyesight was weak but overall he was healthy, considering he was15..

I also had a chat with my dad about his health. He said ‘don’t worry I am here caring for him. He just has difficulty sitting and standing up now & then, otherwise is fine- you just make sure that his meds are sorted & maybe try some new food that he can chew easily..’

I did all that – I spoke the vet, I sent her a video, I got him meds, new wet food that he enjoyed and ordered a harness for his hind legs to help him get him whenever he had a tough time..

For the better part of my trip, my sister was there. But all I saw her do was ask me questions about whether I visited the vet, if floppy was given meds, or what I was doing about him and  so on and on and on and on…Infact, she was all about throwing out advice and giving instructions to the people at home as well. Frustrated me, but kept silent. It is always easy to throw suggestions or advice but when you are not on the ground doing things, I say you don’t have the right to do any of those..hmfph!!

Everybody in that house is 65/70 Plus years old and I don’t think anything is going to change by them switching to organic food nor is it practical.. you need to be realistic and practical. What amuses me was how everybody with lapping up everything that she said silently and then telling me how these are not feasible but no way, nobody is gonna tell her that.. please she is a golden child .. I bow to thee level.. I am happy being away from family and just living life my way & being happy <3

The sister gifted me this notebook that you can write-erase and rewrite in. Loved the idea, the thought of using one of those, but the statement she made when she was getting it for me kind of ticked me off.. she said ‘It is expensive but I think it’s quite useful and you will enjoy it’… Umm thank you oh highness for being so kind to this poor soul..

I sent her some stuff as well, which she apparently loved and has taken back.. oh well.. I got em cos i actually felt obligated 🤐

This is just one of the people I come across who behaves this way. Couple of months back, met another character who was all about ensuring they established power over others, constantly commenting about how they were loaded, had fancy gadgets and was willing to give a few that were lying around to us poor souls.. I mean, why!! Do they think they are rescuing us by giving us things? are they doing charity? While, I will happily take the things, I do not feel any sense of gratitude towards them, cos they are arrogant AF and do not deserve my gratitude…

Have you met people like this? how do you deal with them?

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