Come December, my mood goes haywire. I am happy one minute, and sad/glum the next. The month over the years has left me feeling all sorts of restless. I worry for the seniors around me – be it people or animals, I reminisce over the fond memories created during this month [This is the month I met my cousin for the first time, uncle aunt and the little chubby cutie pie had come to the airport to pick me up]… 

It is also the month I lost Boss, our Boxer. The day is etched deep in my memory.. Heck, she passed away on Dec 31st evening 5 ish. It took me a year to get over her loss, and it was thanks to finding Floppy the next Jan that things turned around. 

This year, the Dec month was kinder than usual. No nasty news, nobody passed away, but then you have that nagging fear in the back of your mind. Every time I laughed, I kept waiting for something to go wrong and for tears to flow. There’s a saying in my family “If you laugh too much, you’ll end up crying” ..Not sure where it came from, or if it is a common saying across the world. But since I grew up listening to it, am always cautious and wary whenever I am happy! I pinch myself, I stop myself from being too excited or at least displaying joy till the moment passes or I secretly rejoice within myself.  Sad, right? Well, am slowly learning to unlearn all these conditionings that I have grown up with! 

We did ring in the 2022 new year in the US with my uncle & aunt, and the holiday was fabulous. Within months of us coming back, in March end we had Chewy come home to us in Pune, all of 45 days old, this cutie pie has transformed our lives 360 degrees. That said, this year I had to take the painful decision of saying bye to Floppy.. May 2nd he went and joined Boss and others up there, I was just glad he wasn’t suffering anymore! Sigh. 

C’est la vie right? Hey, there were plenty of highlights in 2022.

Witnessed meteor showers, walked through a large plateau of flowers, dug into the most sinful strawberry cream shake, brought home an air fryer and tried out different dishes in it, drank a million cups of different kinds of coffee, discovered the joy of a Flat white & been experimenting with different coffee at home as well… Met friends old and familiar, made some new ones, visited one such for Christmas lunch, and was part of the guys’ gang in Goa. Rediscovered Goa in leisure, and took it nice and slow. Phew.. almost starting to read like a Billy Joel song~ Will stop here.. 

I did manage to attend a book launch at a bookstore, explore a few new cafes in Pune, and gain some new experiences. It is also the month I persisted with macrame [a friend had gifted me a kit for my Bday] and made 2 keychains, small but a big win for me!  Hoping to keep at it and add more hobbies to the list. 

Thankfully I have continued to read and write as much as before [you can check my Instagram for updates on Books], though blogging has taken a bit of a hit. Work keeps me busy, and then I don’t feel like typing out a long post, sigh~ Shall correct that in 2023. 

Continue to have many uncomfortable conversations, but ones that need to be voiced out and thankfully have been helping relationships get stronger & better.

Did our 1st long road trip with Chewy to ring in the new year, thanks to a friend coming up with an impromptu plan. It was his 1st time on the beach, experiencing the ocean, the water and the open spaces. He got to meet so many cool fun doggies and play with them! 

Every day, I consciously do things with him that I haven’t done with my earlier dogs.. Be it playing, walking, talking, hugs cuddles kisses. It just feels so good to love& spoil him [cos he deserves all this and more] Very grateful to have him in our lives! Yes, we do keep encountering hiccups and speed bumps now and then, but then we talk, discuss, and try to tide over them so as not to encounter the same ones again.

Oh and after ages, I created a vision board for 2023!! Quite excited about it.. Well, here’s to an amazing 2023 to all of us! More adventures, new ventures, and everything in between… 

vision board with thoughts for 2023

collage of images from 2022

                                                                My 2022

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