A small cafe tucked away amidst big buildings and the simple brown wooden name board is all you see when you drive down the Kalpana villa society, Viman Nagar. Am talking about Dohiti bakehouse. Been there? Heard of the place?

Well, my partner had stumbled upon this place via Instagram and had been wanting to visit it for a while. That day, we decided to step out for a drive, and while debating where to head, he saw that his biker gang were planning to meet at Dohiti, and thus our destination was decided. It took us nearly an hour to get there but was well worth the drive. Luckily, there was barely any traffic [maybe cos it was Republic day, a longish weekend] but hey, we ain’t complaining!

The Space:

Parked the car, and I went ahead to check the place out. There is a small wicket gate, and you step into a garden patch. Another gate, and finally you are in the cafe premises. Crossed over that area with a few seating options into the main bakehouse. The aroma of freshly baked bread hits you as you step into the space. It is a small cosy space but was spacious enough. Straight ahead are shelves with bread, a display case with different kinds of croissants, including the latest rage Croissant wheels and a few cakes as well.

Since my partner decided to wait in the car with Chewy, I enquired if the place was pet friendly. Geetha cheerfully replied she loved dogs & they were indeed Pet friendly, and Chewy was welcome to wander around in the outdoor space. That was it, Chewy was happy to get out and explore a new place & we were thrilled that most patrons there seemed to like dogs as well.

While browsing around trying to decide what to order, did get to meet and chit-chat with the owner/baker Geeta Pathak. She told me to come around for their morning breakfast, adding that the vibes were completely different and the shelves were full.

What we ate/ordered:

I chose a slice of  Chocolate berry cake to have there.
For take away- a veg croissant sandwich, Asian Grilled Chicken Croissant Sandwich, a Strawberry Croissant wheel and Sourdough Bread loaf.
[Update: The sourdough bread lasted a good week, and we enjoyed it for breakfast with eggs and other accompaniments]

The chocolate berry cake was moist and sinfully yummm with so many different textures across layers…We dug into it gleefully, while Chewy strolled around trying to sniff everything around and make friends with other patrons there. Soon our takeaway order was ready, we grabbed the bags and headed back to the car.

Our order cost Rs1257 [which I thought was quite reasonable]

Service options:
Dine-in · Kerbside pickup or Order via food apps.

Villa no 4, kalpana villa society,
Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014
Phone: 088304 54474

Tue to Sunday 9 am to 10 pm
Mondays holiday

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