This is a road trip that we have plan to do back in November 2021 when I thought of bringing Floppy here. Circumstances changed and we didn’t do that road trip, but Partha wanted to do a road trip all the way to Chennai forever.

Well, truth be told it’s been nearly a year since my last visit and every time I think about visiting Chennai am flooded with thoughts about Floppy [May’22 was my last trip to Chennai when Floppy was very ill & I took the hardest decision of my life to bid him adiue] and I instantly shut down any thoughts about doing a trip there.  I knew I just needed to be mentally strong to be able to walk into grandma’s house knowing Floppy is not gonna be there to greet me and complain about leaving him there.  Sigh~

Sometime in Jan 2023, my uncle & aunt in the US decided to do a trip to India (their first since they got married) which gave me the push needed to head over there, if only to see them again. [I did have some work to complete in Chennai, which remains incomplete..ugh]

Spoke to Partha and he was quite gung-ho about it. All that was left was to figure out dates.. since Chewy’s birthday was on Feb 10th, we decided to leave after that and the duration would be about 9 to 10 days…

After some discussion about whether we taking Chewy along, we decided it would be best for all of us to let him be in boarding (where he would have a routine and company to play and spend time, with instead of being dragged around in the car and dealing with different people every day..)

On Feb 10th, we celebrated Chewy’s birthday and then later in the day left him at the boarding place. Our plan was to leave on the 11th morning by 5.30 am  (a friend was travelling with us till Bangalore and then onwards to Chennai for us..)

This is how the trip panned out –

Day -1  – Dropped Chewy off at boarding
Day 1.  – Pune to Bangalore (14hrs drive)
Day 2   – Bangalore ( chill & catch up with friends )
Day 3   – Bangalore to Chennai (5.5hrs drive)
Day 4   – Chennai
Day 5   – Mahabalipuram (almost all day)
Day 6   – Chennai to Pondicherry (3hrs)
Day 7   – Pondicherry to Chennai (2.5hrs)
Day 8.  – Chennai to Hyderabad (11hrs)
Day 9   – Hyderabad to Pune (10hrs)
Day 10 – Brought Chewy home. 💖

Stay tuned for more…

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