I discovered Green Grain Bowl by accident, actually they sent me a message through my site which is how I came to know of them. We had a quick chat, and by the end, I had ordered 2 salad bowls [veg] to try out.

The salad bowls came in these beautiful eco-friendly containers, with the sauce in a tiny container and neat labels on top to tell us what each salad was. The bowls are macro-balanced – with a healthy grain element, these bowls are filling and are a complete meal.

They have veg, non-veg & vegan salads. YOU can choose the one that works for you and place the order either via Swiggy, Zomato or sign up for a subscription on their website. The salad bowls are available in 2 sizes -Regular & Superbowl. The ones I tried were,

1. Mango Quinoa Salad –
Mango pieces with quinoa, greens, coloured pepper, cucumber, crumbled feta and crunchy house granola along with rajma beans.
Dressing – Gingery carrot balsamic vinaigrette 

2. Soba Noodle Bowl –
Buckwheat noodles, greens, roasted vegetables, sweet-spiced tofu/ paneer. Completed with a generous topping of sesame seeds and roasted groundnuts.
Dressing – Asian soy-sesame ginger dressing

They were both so delicious, we polished them off between the 6 of us. The salads were colourful, and had a mix of textures in them & each was so different from the other. The highlight was most of the folks at home were non-veg eaters & they loved the flavours in the salads. The one salad that stood out as a winner was the Soba noodle Bowl.

If you are looking for an alternative to Subway salads, and want something refreshing for your meals, you should check out their website and order away!! They have outlets in Pune [Kalyani Nagar & Aundh] & Goa [Panjim & Porvorim]


Soba noodle bowl with tofu, cabbage, noodles and dressing in a box

                                                             Soba noodle bowl


Mango Quinoa Salad Bowl with mango, colour capscium, red cabbage and dressing in a box

                                                          Mango Quinoa Salad Bowl

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